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CAF/Non Asbestos Gaskets are die cut or circle cut from compressed asbestos fibre/non asbestos jointings which are manufactured from carefully selected chrysolite fibre intimately blended with suitable heat resistant binders etc. and vulcanised into sheets of homogenous compositions and uniform thickness. CAF/Non Asbestos cut gasket seal is effected by yielding or flow of material into the imperfections of joint contact faces. In this way gasket provides an unbroken barrier of homogenous structure through which no pathway exist for escape of confined media.

Operating Condition and Choice of Gaskets
The resisting power of gasket to the fluid media in manufacturing a perfect seal against variation on temperature and pressure under working condition determines the selection of gasket Style or Grade as per Indian standard IS2712-1998 have specified Grades of compressed asbestos fibres (CAF) depending upon the application as follows:
Temp. And Pressure
IS2712/1998 W/1
  Water, steam and for some chemical high   service conditions
Upto 350o c and 130 Bar
IS2712/1998 W/2
  Water, steam and for some chemical medium   service condition
Upto 350o c and 40 Bar
IS2712/1998 W/3
  Water, steam and for some chemical low service   condition
Upto 250o c and 30 Bar
IS2712/1998 O/1
  Oils - high service conditions
Upto 350oc and 130 Bar
IS2712/1998 O/2
  Oils - medium and nominal service conditions
Upto 300oc and 80 Bar
IS2712/1998 A/1
  Acids - highly corrosive
Upto 250oc and 100 Bar
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