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PMT Engineers is a professional undertaking established in 1996 to manufacture and exporters of fluid processcomponents—namely Tube Fittings, Pipeline Fittings, Tubes, pressure ball valves,2 Valve Manifolds, vent valves, double block and bleed valves, check valves (Needle, Ball, Check, Gate, Globe), butterfly valves, cryogenic valves, Manifold Valves, Gauge Cock, Gauge Saver, Pulsation Dampners, Syphons, Thermowells, Quick Release Coupling, Condensate Pots, Sampling Cylinder, Orifice Plate Assembly, Flanges, Studs, Nuts, Air Headers, Pressure Gauge Accessory and other accessories pertaining to process instrumentation. . Distributors
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Products Range
Tube Fittings Needle Valves Pipe Fittings 37 Flare Hydraulic Fittings Globe Valve
Features & Installation Design Description Features & Installation Features & Installation Vee-Notch Ball
Male Connector Needle Valves Long Nipple Male Connector Butterfly Valve
Bulk Head Male Connector Manifold Valves Hex Reducing Nipple Female Connector Shut off Ball
Female Connector 2 way Manifold Hex Nipple Tube End Nut Diaphragm
Bulk Head Female Connector 3 way Manifold Hex Long Nipple Tube End Sleeve Flush Bottom
Union, Bulk Head Union 5 way Manifold Adapter Male Elbow Fittings  
Reducing Union, Union Cross Ball Valves Close Nipple Female Elbow Fittings  
Male Run Tee, Male Branch Tee Round Body Design Reducing Adapter Union Elbow Fittings  
Female Run Tee, Female Branch Tee Square Body Design Pipe Plug Male Branch Tee  
Union Tee, Union Elbow High Pressure Up To
7500 PSI
Special Coupling Male Run Tee  
Male Elbow, Female Elbow Instrument Ball Valve Coupling S.W Type Female Branch Tee  
Tube End Cap Monoflange Valves Reducing Coupling S.W Type, Female Run Tee  
Socket & Butt weld Connector Instrument Mono Flange Female Elbow, Male Tee, Street Elbow Union Tee Fittings, Union  
Nut, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule Process Mono Flange Male Elbow, Female Tee Large Hex Union  
Bulkhead Lock Nut   Reducing Coupling, Pipe Cap Bulkhead Union, Union Cross  
    Coupling, Reducing Bushing Reducing Adaptor  
( Air Destributor)
Condensate Pot
(Seal pot)
Instrument Enclosure Orifice Plate Assembly Thermowell Syphons Tube / Pipe Clamps Sampling Cylinders
Forged Steel Valves Cast Steel Valves Flanges Gaskets Studs, Nuts
Gate Valve Gate Valve Slip-on CAF Gaskets High Tensile
Globe Valve Globe Valve Weldneck Spiral Wound Gasket  
Lift Check Valve Swing Check Valve Blind Ring Joint Gaskets  
Ball Valve Ball Valve-3PCS RTJ Metal Jacketed Gasket  
Needle Valve Butterfly Valve Lap Joint Rubber Gaskets  
Cryogenic Gate Valve Knife Edge Gate Valve Socket Weld Customized Gaskets  
Cryogenic Globe Valve Y Type Strainer, Diaphragm Valve Threaded    
Pressure gauges, Vaccum Gauges Temprature Gauges Pressure Transmitter Calibration Devices
Glycerin Filled Bimetal Gauges Diaphargm Type Electronic Cards Workbench
Weather Proof Mercury/Gas Filled Direct Mounting Instrument Calibration Workbench
Diaphragm Sealed AirFilter Regulator   Electronic Temperature Bath
Schaffer & Lows      
Pressure Diaphragm      
Single Diaphragm Differnetial      
Electric Contact Gauges      
Precision Test Gauges      
Utility Gauges      
Digital Pressure Gauges      
Cable Gland Cable Tray Junction Box
  Test Batch For Safety Valve, Test Batch For Control Valve, ,
  Brine Filter Unit, Gas Residual Apparatus, Adsorption Isotherm Appratus  
  Water Bath, PVC Canister  
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